The company

MorphoRank predictive analytics application is developed by Xdroid Inc. Xdroid is an IT company focused on actionable artificial intelligence, machine learning and software development. Xdroid's founders have a well-established technological and educational background in the areas of machine learning algoritms, natural language processing and large-data processing including management and business development. Xdroid's mission is to provide best-of-breed artifical intelligence-based solutions and algorithms for its clients in the European and international markets. Xdroid has built strong partnerships with consultancy and system integration companies during the past several years. Xdroid's core algoritms are at work in speech analitics, predictive analytics and multiple industry-specific software applications at numerous companies and corporations.


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Xdroid management and operational executives are comprised of experts in artificial intelligence, software development, project management and business development. They spent many years in different senior researcher and leadership positions in the fields of A.I. and business intelligence. Members of the management team include:

  • András Kocsor, Ph.D

    András is an expert in artificifal intelligence and speech recognition, a Ph.D. level researcher and mathematican, an inventor. He has been granted several academic awards during his carreer. His major academic research areas are novel, non-linear, optimalization-based classification, visualization, regression and feature-extraction methods, and advanced feature-space processing technologies. His results related to speech-detection, signal-processing, natural language processing and bioinformatics. He has authored more than 150 articles; under his leadership the doctorate school at the University of Szeged, Hungary has trained several talented graduates and Ph.D students. András leads Xdroid's innovation lab. His solutions are used in various products and applications across the globe.

  • Attila Bódogh, Ph.D.

    After graduating as an IT engineer Attila attended Budapest University of Economic Sciences where he received a Master's degree in finance. Later he was granted an MBA and international Ph.D. in economics. He worked with datawarehousing and business intelligence solutions, controlling and reporting systems. He has worked in various positions including expert, project manager and later at other executive levels. He has an international Project Management Professional certificate (PMP). He has participated in research and development projects in the field of speech-recognition, emotion and content-recognition, machine learning and predictive analytics. Within Xdroid's team he is responsible for innovative product development and general business development.

  • Kornél Kovács, Ph.D.

    After graduating from the University of Szeged, Hungary, with a Masters Degree in software-design and mathematical sciences, Kornél earned a Ph.D degree in software engineering. His major research areas are machine-learning algorithms, datamining and feature-space related challenges. His achievements include software development in the field of signal-processing, speech detection, speech synthesis and face recognition. He has published several articles and has co-authored many others. Kornél designs and develops machine learning systems and core algorithms at Xdroid.

  • István Fehér, MBA

    István earned a BSC in electrical engineering and later graduated with a M.Sc. in economics. He has worked in various software development and consultancy positions, and has a broad range of experience in business intelligence systems. Later, as the branch manager and CEO of a system integrator company he was responsible for business development and operative management. He has also made time to earn an MBA degree in finance. At Xdroid, István is responsible for business development and managing partner relationships.

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