MorphoRank offers

MorphoRank is a fully automated predictive analytic application that utilizes the most advanced machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms to make business predictions. MorphoRank's predictions are online and actionable meaning they turn your information into profit. MorphoRank's machine intelligence works automatically and does not require a data scientist or expert to seamlessly support your existing business processes.

  • online


    By continuously evaluating models and proactively incorporating real-time results, MorphoRank is able to adeptly predict using your most up-to-date business information in order to boost results . Since MorphoRank evaluates models online, your business process will have the most-accurate and up-to-date predictive data available

  • Adaptív


    Feedback from your everyday business processes can be automatically incorporated into existing models. By exploiting realtime data results, efficiency of your predictors will be continuously improved. Besides online evaluation, MorphoRank incorporates profit and loss business results and automatically updates the predictive model. Update frequency and other settings are highly adaptable to your requirements.

  • Dinamikus


    MorphoRank works specifically to increase your profits within the business process by using revenue and cost inputs, which significantly improve cost/revenue dynamics. In addition, MorphoRank can accept alternate targets for optimization, for example optimizing maximal profit and maximal geographical coverage simultaneously.

  • Skálázható


    MorphoRank's scalable, cloud-based architecture processes large-volume analytical tasks. Housed in our secure datacenter or on your premises, MorphoRank guarantees rapid processing by utilizing its best-of-breed GPU based algorithms. GPU technology helps limit expensive hardware upgrades while maximizing accuracy.

  • Párhuzamos


    Usually a team is involved in fulfilling business processes. MorphoRank's architecture is designed for parallel teamwork, providing large-volume business tasks with online, continuously-upgraded business predictions. MorphoRank may also be optimized for sharing tasks between team-members.

  • Multiple input

    MorphoRank may be easily configured to integrate graph-based features with classic data features. The newly blended results will provide better and more accurate predictions than attempting to “bolt” them together manually. In addition, MorphoRank features novel algorithms for providing better predictions.

About the technology

MorphoRank's patent-pending technology utilizes current machine learning methods and techniques to build, test, evaluate and update its models. It primarily uses graphical unit processor (GPU) calculations to minimize hardware requirements and maximize the speed and efficiency of complex machine learning methods. This results in not only cost-savings, but increased computational power, as well as improved accuracy of the predictions. MorphoRank implements several advanced and novel methods including the "Discovery Method" which helps bringing out the best in your valuable business data.

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