• Collections


    MorphoRank for Collections helps reduce outstanding debts by predicting an optimal contacting order in which to collect those with outstanding debts. Predictions help you to optimize your use of time, channel and methods in order to maximize cash-in and reduce the average debt load.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Értékesítés és Marketing

    MorphoRank for Sales and Marketing helps identify target customers and strengthen sales campaigns by more precisely channeling income towards desired marketing and sales targets and to reduce expenses by using online predictive models.


  • Customer retention


    MorphoRank for Customer-retention provides actionable, real-time predictions for customer churn, service or product cancellation. By using the predictions one can maximize the reach of existing customer retention processes.

  • Fraud detection


    By merging graph-based and classic data and utilizing the "Discovery" method, MorphoRank is able to uncover hidden trends and quickly discern anomalies that greatly help to improve fraud detection processes.

  • Risk evaluation


    MorphoRank is able to automatically construct Risk models based on existing information which is systematically refined. By using more accurate predictive models, the company's risk can be reduced.

  • Research

    Kutatás támogatása

    MorphoRank proudly supports analysis-intensive research activities even at large-scale data volumes by using high-speed GPU architecture that enables running resource-intensive tasks efficiently.

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