• Make more profit with MorphoRank.

      MorphoRank is a predictive analytics application, which helps you leverage your business processes. Only your data is needed. Forget costly and neverending datamining projects. Sign up for a free trial now.

    • Exploit the most advanced predictive technologies

      MorphoRank utilizes the most advanced machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms. It seamlessly blends network and classic data sources, fully automated model building, prediction and model upgrading and cloud-based and/or on-premise architecture for maximizing your business effecitiveness.

    • Turn Big Data into profit with MorphoRank

      Large-volume, unstructured data? Webshop logs? Social network information? Campaign feedbacks, contractual and product usage information? MorphoRank's machine intelligence may utilize all of your data in order to transform them to business value. MorphoRank's predictions are instantly actionable to increase your business profit.

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  • What is MorphoRank

    Kiknek ajánljuk?

    MorphoRank is a predictive analytics application that uses advanced machine learning to build, evaluate and update probability models. MorphoRank's predictions are actionable immediately, thus the data can morph into actual business earnings relatively quickly.

  • Business areas

    Milyen problémákra?

    The application effectively bolsters sales campaigns, collateral, supports and fosters customer retention. It is also effective at risk evaluation, fraud detection and data-driven research activities.

  • Join now

    A megoldás

    A trial is offered to a limited number of clients who can evaluate MorphoRank using their own business data. The application provides instant, actionable predictions for your business process.

  • Online


    By continuously evaluating models and proactively incorporating real-time results, MorphoRank is able to skillfully predict using your most up-to-date business information in order to maximize efficiency.

  • Adaptive


    Feedback from your day-to-day business processes can be automatically incorporated into existing models. By exploiting the most recent data results, efficiency of your predictors will be systematically improving.

  • Profitoriented


    MorphoRank optimizes your profitability by using revenue and cost inputs, thereby providing a clear enhancement based on your model. In addition, MorphoRank can optimize for targets other than profitability.

  • Scalable


    MorphoRank's scalable, cloud-based architecture is able to tackle large-volume analytical tasks. GPU based algorithms help to limit expensive hardware upgrades while maximizing accuracy.

  • Parallel


    MorphoRank's architecture is designed for parallel teamwork, providing large-volume business tasks with online, continuously-updated business predictions.

  • Agglomerative

    MorphoRank can easily be configured to integrate graph-based features with classic data results. The newly blended results will provide better and more accurate predictions than attempting to “cobble” them together manually.

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